The fear of public speaking is the number one phobia in the UK today (even above the fear of death) and in my opinion Hypnosis with EFT and NLP is one of the best ways to more quickly change this fear/phobia.

It happens when the “fight or flight” response kicks in and prepares the body for a situation that it responds to as dangerous or threatening. All the systems in the body that are not useful to survival are then shut down (or limited) and adrenalin and other chemicals stimulate the body (which is great for action but useless for talking, thinking rationally or feeling calm).

It can be caused by a negative response which happened at school/college on one or several events in their past when a person becomes embarrassed in a situation that he/she cannot control or it can happen with the stresses of life (or job demands) at any time in life that push the person to a point of high stress which then breaks through when talking to people and then becomes an automatic future trigger but it can also happen to people who have given talks on a regular basis over many years with no problems and all at once in a particular situation due to excessive stress (which can come on through overwork, tiredness, a flu virus, etc) they experience the “fight or flight” response which then becomes encoded every time they encounter a similar situation.

I have even had several cases of public speakers who had been professional speakers for many years and on just one occasion in a humid room during a hot summer there was inadequate cooling of the room and they felt like they were going to faint whilst talking and suddenly after that the “fight or flight” response became the norm when public speaking thereafter and yet after coming to me for hypnosis, NLP and EFT after only a few hypnotherapy sessions they could public speak again.

Thousands of people see Hypnotherapists like me all over the world every single day. One of the most common reasons why people go for Hypnotherapy is that they have tried other techniques without success and in some cases the only other option available was pills. Hypnosis, could change your life because it provides the emotional change and balancing of the subconscious mind that drives your behaviour.