12 year old boy with a Fear of Flying healed by hypnosis (hypnotherapy)

Flying phobia (a fear of flying) is a common problem and in the majority of clients it is a simple (not a complex) phobia that is triggered by a plane flight (or a fear of a plane flight) only inasmuch as it is the  “straw that breaks the camel’s back” in that the flying itself is not the initial cause of the problem but the final trigger.

I have seen many times that clients who come to see me with fear of flying have in the weeks/months before the flight had an illness, the death of a loved one or other trauma(s) which built up negative feelings that then connects with the feeling that you normally have (in your stomach or chest) when flying and then triggers and attaches itself to the flight (when in fact it was what happened prior to the flight that caused the negative feelings), however once the trigger is in place it then comes into action whenever you are  flying (or even have the thought of flying).

I have successfully treated 1,000s of people with this problem and as a Hypnotherapist using Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP I have found that after only a few sessions at my  Warrington based office the majority of people release their fear of flying.

Because I have trained in many forms of Hypnotherapy (not Hypnotism) and also many other techniques that desensitize negative feelings I have also found that there have been many clients that have previously seen a hypnotherapist and not had success and on coming to see me have changed for the better.