Performance anxiety is a term used for two different experiences:-

  • Sexual performance.
  • Public performance (which can be acting, singing, speaking, etc.).

In both types of performance anxiety there is a negative trigger (or triggers) that have become linked to the act of performing.

It can happen due to the stresses of life (or sometimes by drugs or alcohol) and from then onwards at any time afterwards in that particular performance situation the negative feelings that have become attached then become an automatic trigger every time.

This is usually caused by one or several events in the past when a person has become anxious or stressed in a situation and in that situation (or situations) they failed to perform adequately.

From then onwards every time they try to perform in a similar situation the negative feeling comes back and stops them from performing and even if they try to stop the negative feeling(s) from coming back they usually find that by trying to not think about the feeling(s) it is like pouring petrol onto a fire in that it makes the negative feeling(s) become worse which then starts a cycle of repeated negativity.


Thousands of people see Hypnotherapists like me all over the world every single day. One of the most common reasons why people go for Hypnotherapy is that they have tried other techniques without success and in some cases the only other option available was to take pills.

Hypnosis, NLP and EFT can change your life for the better because it provides the emotional change and balancing of feelings (that drives your behaviour) to support you and to feel positive feelings appropriately and to feel negative feelings only when it is useful (in a truly life threatening situation).


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