Stoptober 2015 – Stop Smoking and £10 discount offer

Stoptober is Stop Smoking month as seen in the Warrington Guardian and I have found again and again over many years that clients having come to see me for a “Stop Smoking ” hypnotherapy session in Warrington found it considerably easier to stop smoking because instead of fighting the feelings, the techniques that I use really help to CHANGE their feelings and they have found that instead of “giving up” something they have gained something more easily than they ever imagined that they could have done by themselves.

If you quote “FBOctober” during Stoptober October you will receive an extra £10 discount off a “Stop Smoking” session.


Stoptober Stop Smoking month

Benefits of Stopping Smoking for One Month

If you stop smoking for a month it becomes easier to stay a non smoker (it is generally found) and you feel the health benefits within the month.

I am a Warrington based Hypnotherapist (not a Hypnotist) operating from an office (not home based) and I use Hypnotherapy (the therapeutic side of hypnosis) along with NLP, EFT, plus other techniques which could help you change in many areas of your life.

For further information on Stoptober, please visit the official NHS page here:


Remember Stoptober is coming and Hypnotherapy for stopping/quitting smoking can really help you to stay stoppedIf you…

Posted by Ken Howard Clinical Hypnotherapist on Wednesday, 30 September 2015